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Great Irish Emancipator Daniel O’Connell Born 1775

The great Irish Emancipator Daniel O’Connell was born on this day in 1775 near Caherciveen in County Kerry.
In For the Love of Being Irish, the bould Daniel takes center stage with “O” for O’Connell.
Here is how this page looks in For the Love of Being Irish.

Great Irish Gifts and Gift Books

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Original image of Michael Collins – The Big Fella which features in FOR THE LOVE OF BEING IRISH

Michael Collins image from a great Irish gift book , For the Love of Being Irish

In FOR THE LOVE OF BEING IRISH, you will see, read and feel all the emotions of a tiny country that has taken the world by storm. You will read humor, horror, history. You will laugh, maybe even shed a tear in a wonderful book that showcases all the emotions of Ireland and you will be raise a glass that you can say (or wish to be) For the Love of Being Irish

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